We believe that music has value, and we strive to protect the copyrights of our artists.

Learn below how you may use our and our artists’ copyrights, and how you can join us in legally celebrating great music.

Information shared below is provided solely as reference and does not constitute legal advice. We recommend consulting with an attorney regarding specific usages unique to your scenario prior to using copyrighted material. All rights reserved.


Materia Music Publishing delivers metadata to YouTube, Meta/Facebook, Audible Magic, and many other data partners. This helps us ensure that our artists are appropriately credited and fairly compensated for usages of their music.

On YouTube, we track and monetize certain usages. If you received an email about a claim, you likely did not receive a strike on your account. Please do not dispute this claim to avoid a strike on your account.

For more information, please review our YouTube FAQ.


Original music released by Materia Music and its labels and publishers is currently not sent to Twitch content ID nor other fingerprinting services. Streams will not be claimed or muted.

Cover Songs

If you are recording and distributing a cover song of a work in our catalog, you may require a mechanical license.

We recommend Easy Song for obtaining mechanical licenses for digital and physical (CD, vinyl, etc.) mechanicals.

If you are only distributing music digitally, we recommend using DistroKid, Soundrop, CD Baby, all of whom automatically process mechanical royalties to us.

We appreciate receiving mp3 copies of your cover songs for our records.

Do not mark the composers or original performing artists as primary artists for your cover song.

Do ensure that proper composer credits are provided in the metadata. Please email us to confirm author/writer/composer credits for our catalog.


To the extent legally permissible, we do not consider medleys and other interpolations of works which are exclusively in our catalog as derivative works. We expect full statutory mechanical royalties to be paid for each usage.

As we cannot speak for other publishers and rights holders, we suggest checking with other rights holders prior to using our works alongside others.

Sheet Music (Print)

Official arrangements of our catalog may be available via Materia Editions, our sheet music division, as well as

We love seeing arrangements of our music!

Our catalog is available for licensing via MusicNotes, Sheet Music Plus, Musescore and other sheet music platforms. They are authorized to license publish arrangements of our catalog.

If you are an arranger and interested in self-publishing arrangements of our music, we recommend Sheet Music Plus’s ArrangeMe program. Through SMP, you can legally arrange copyrighted songs, and publish sheet music, including works in our catalog.

At the moment, we do not accept custom print license requests directly. Please check with your print administrator or music publisher to assist with these opportunities.

Public Performances

To publicly perform music in our catalog, you, your band, or the venue where you are performing may require a public performance license.

Most composers and songwriters in our catalog are affiliated with Performing Rights Organizations (PROs). We appreciate receiving copies of submitted cue sheets.

At the moment, we are not able to provide direct performance licenses for events or concerts.

Remixes (Samples)

Do not use samples of our recordings in your own music.

Materia Music Publishing’s catalog of works is primarily music from games. Content ID and other fingerprinting services will adversely affect YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, and other platforms where gameplay is freely shared.

We are unable to license them or support their usage, and may require their removal if distributed commercially.


Do not create sound-alike versions of our content for any reason.


Most of our catalog is not available for licensing for other games. If your studio or publisher is interested in licensing music for your game, please contact us.

We cannot grant licenses for fan-made mods or asset packs for rhythm games.

Sync / Film / VOD / Interactive / Dramatic / Grand Rights

We look forward to your email. Please contact us.